Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Last year we wrote about EpiSIM which was created by Joana Simoes. Over the last year Joana has been working for small research and development team called ieSim. Specifically, Joana has been working on outbreakP2P - a public health simulation model built with the ieSim ADE. outbreakP2P currently provides users with the ability to simulate pharmaceutical (vaccine, prophylactic and treatment) interventions in a community wide person - person outbreak.

outbreakP2P was programmed in C++, using the Trolltech Qt API. GIS functionality comes from their own GIS libraries (GXlib).

The screen shoot above is from a simulation moment. From this, one sees that the program is highly visual. The program provides several ways of displaying information, in real time, during the simulation. These are: the graphic, the map and the log window.

More information about IeSim can be found here. To download OutbreakP2P, one needs to register with the site.