Tuesday, July 30, 2013

ODD with human decision-making

In the Department of CSS, we often encourage our students when writing term papers (or any paper) with respect to agent-based models to use the Overview, Design concepts, and Details (ODD) Protocol (Grimm et al., 2006). This relates to the fact that is not only challenging building an agent-based model but also describing the model in enough detail to all for replication or comparison. Müller et al., (2013) have recently extended to ODD so that it is easier to have a standard way of describing decsion making within agent-based models.The paper is well worth a read.

Original Overview, Design concepts, and Details (ODD) protocol (Source: Grimm et al., 2006).

Extended ODD for describing human decisions in agent-based models – ODD + D (Source: Müller et al., 2013)
Full references to the papers:
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