In conjunction with my teaching and research activities, I am and have been actively engaged in graduate student advising and mentoring at George Mason University. I see mentoring activities not only as an avenue to strengthen the link between research and teaching, but as crucial for training the next generation of experts and scientists in my field.

Potential students please read this before contacting me.

Completed PhD. Student Advisor:

    Current PhD. Candidates Advising: 
    • Annetta Burger; Computational Social Science. 
      • Provisional Title: From Networks to Recovery: Effects of Social Networks on Community Recovery in the Face of Flooding Disasters.
    • Farzaneh Davari; Computational Social Science.
      • Provisional Title: A Bottom-up Resilience Procedure in Social-ecological Systems.
    • Jacqueline Kazil; Computational Social Science.
      • Provisional Title: Mesa: Agent-based modeling Library in Python 3.
    • Carmen Iasiello; Computational Social Science.
      • Provisional Title: Applications of ABM in Human Resources Management.
    • Talha Oz; Computational Social Science. 
      • Provisional Title: Collective Stress in the Digital Age.
    • Chris Parrett; Computational Social Science. 
      • Provisional Title: Computational Decision Support for Human Capital Challenges in High-Demand Knowledge-Based Industries.
    • Brandon Shapiro; Computational Social Science. 
      •  Provisional Title: Opinion Dynamics: Data, Theory and Models
    • Melanie Swartz; Computational Social Science.
      •  Provisional Title: Emojis as Social Cues to Contextualize Social Networks, Events, and Sense of Place.
    • Tom Wallace; Computational Social Science. 
      • Provisional Title: Deep Reinforcement Learning in Agent-based Models.
    • Yang Zhou; Computational Social Science.
      • Provisional Title: Understanding Human Activity Patterns in Large Cities using Open Data.
    • Xiaoyi Yuan; Computational Social Science.
      • Provisional Title: Geo-narratives: Exploring Place through Crowdsourced Textural Data.

    Current PhD. Students Advising:
    • Paul Cummings; Computational Social Science.
    • Salwa Ismail; Computational Social Science.  
    • Na Jiang; Computational Social Science. 
    • Mike Livermore; Environmental Science and Policy. 
    • Ciara Sibley; Computational Social Science. 
    • Lowell Wilson; Computational Social Science.  

    Current PhD. Candidates Dissertation Committee Member:
    • Brent Auble; Computational Social Science.
    • Terrie Franks; Computational Social Science.
    • Jarrod Grewe; Computational Science and Informatics.
    • Darius Hedgebeth; Geography and Geoinformation Sciences. 
    • Mona Hemmati; Civil and Environmental Engineering, Colorado State University
    • Kim McEligot, Systems Engineering & Operations Research.
    • Shaun Michel; Sociology.
    • Phil Morefield; Geography and Geoinformation Sciences.
    • Aisha Sikder; Geography and Geoinformation Sciences.
    • Bill Squires; Computer Science
    • Russell Thomas; Computational Social Science. 
    • Harold Walbert; Computational Social Science. 

    Past PhD. Students' Dissertation Committee Member:

    Current Masters Student Advising:
      • Noelle Douglas; Computational Social Science.

        Completed Masters Student Advisor:

        Completed Masters Students' Thesis Committee Member:

        Completed Masters Students' Project Committee Member:


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