Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Leveraging Street Level Imagery for Urban Planning

Just a short post that say that  Linda See and myself have a new editorial in Environment and Planning B: Urban Analytics and City Science entitled " Leveraging Street Level Imagery for Urban Planning." While in the in the past we have written about street view imagery and how there are initiatives like KartaView (previously named OpenStreetView and OpenStreetCam) and Mapillary which allow for the collection of volunteered street view imagery (VSVI) using just smartphones. But we have not really delved much into how such initiatives could be used to assist assist urban planning (e.,g. change detection, augmented reality (AR) and urban navigation).  If this sounds of interest,  please feel free to check out our editorial here

Exploring urban change in Buffalo, New York with Google Street View in October 2020 and the same location in the 2007 inset.

 Full Reference:

Crooks, A.T. and See, L. (2022), Leveraging Street Level Imagery for Urban Planning, Environment and Planning B,