Thursday, July 15, 2010

NetLogo GIS Examples from

While searching for some NetLogo GIS examples I came across this excellent web page by Owen Densmore from called "NetLogo Bag of Tricks" showcasing NetLogo's GIS functionality. There is a model of water traffic in Venice model and a simple model that reads census data and extracts features,showing them in different colors (both of which can be downloaded).

If any readers know of any other good NetLogo models using GIS data please leave a comment pointing us in the direction of them.


Anonymous said...

does it have to be ESRI?
because ESRI is not free..

Samup4web said...

Hi, good information here. I would like to know if you were able to get more resources about Netlogo GIS. If yes, it would be of help if you can direct me further. I am a student about to start a research work and I would be using Netlogo. Thanks in anticipation.

Andrew Crooks said...

Hi Samuo4web, the blog has other posts on Netlogo but there is not much about it on the web with respect to GIS Maybe OpenABM might be a good place to look.