Monday, December 12, 2011

New GeoMason Models

We been working on adding more spatial agent based models examples to GeoMason, the GIS extension for MASON. These include a vegetation growth model utilizing raster data and a simple disease outbreak model utilizing vector data. See below for more details.

Vegetation Growth Model:
Eastern Africa has undergone sustained drought for over a decade placing a great strain on the local population. This demo introduces an agent-based model of grazing called Turkana South. The model makes use of NDVI data and monthly rainfall data to drive vegetation growth. After describing the model, the paper investigates the effect rainfall has on carrying capacity and how carrying capacity varies based on initial starting conditions. I conclude that carrying capacity is independent of initial population size.

Disease Outbreak:
This demo introduces a new agent-based model (ABM) for studying the spread of influenza through the schools and households of Fairfax County, VA. It is intended to explore the following questions. How does an epidemic outbreak spread through a school system? What containment approaches might be most effective at stopping an outbreak?

To find out more about GeoMason (including the data and source code for these models) click here

Thanks to Joseph Harrison for sharing these models which where developed for class projects at the Department of Computational Social Science at George Mason University.

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