An Agent-based Modeling Approach Applied to the Spread of Cholera

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Crooks, A.T. and Hailegiorgis, A.B. (2014), An Agent-based Modeling Approach Applied to the Spread of Cholera, Environmental Modelling and Software, 62: 164-177 (pdf
Within this page you will find additional information about our agent-based model which explores the spread of cholera within the Dadaab refugee camps. Including 

Cholera transmission through the interaction of host and the environment. The progress of cholera transmission is represented as SEIR model. S = susceptible, E=Exposed, Ia= Infected (asymptomatic), Is= Infected (symptomatic), R= Recovered.

Overview, Design concepts, and Details (ODD) Protocol of the model

Click here to download the extended ODD of the model 

The UML diagram of the model

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Click here to download the jars and instructions on how to run the jars for each each experiments.
  • Scenario 1: With No Movement
  • Scenario 1: With Movement
  • Scenario 2: With Rainfall

Click here for the data from the experiments (sorry you will need MATLAB)

Input parameters and variables.

Digital elevation data used within the model (Left) and the resulting slope differentials (Right) with the refugee camps superimposed on top of them.

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Model Source Code

Example or the graphical user interface of the model.
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