Potential Students

First, thank you for taking an interest in my research. Secondly, I am always interested in working with new students who wish to work on similar topics to which I study (hopefully you have looked at my recent papers and also gone over my research areas on this website to get an idea in the sorts of things I am interested in). Due to the number of emails I receive, about potential advising I thought I would put together some notes. Please read these before contacting me.

For Current University at Buffalo (UB) Students:

I am always happy to talk about research, projects, supervision etc. The best way is to catch me is to come by my office during office hours or to send me an email to set up a virtual meeting. 
For Potential Graduate Students:

Please note that I can not accept graduate students directly, you first need to apply to one of our graduate programs. If you have an interest in working with me please feel free to mention me in your application but note all admission decisions are made by a committee (not just me). With respect to funding, if I have funding for new graduate students I will let you know via an email once you have been accepted into the program.

If funding is an issue there are some potential sources, for example:

For Potential Postdocs:

If I have funding available for Postdocs I will advertise it along with information on how to apply on this website. If you have your own funding, lets chat.

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