Monday, December 11, 2006

Repast Model of the Week: Fads Model

The Fads Model from Tom Carter is a well commented model utilizing some of Repasts core functions including OpenSequenceGraph, OpenHistogram (histogram), reading in a .pgm for the space, and uses Object2DTorus for the underlying agent grid. The model writes information out using the DataRecorder object

Similar to other Repast Models, the typical way to code a simulation is to divide up the creation of the simulation into three methods - buildModel(), buildDisplay(), buildSchedule(). This division is not strictly necessary, but it does make the creation conceptually clearer and this is what the Fad model does

The buildModel() method is responsible for creating those parts of the simulation that represent what is being modeled. Consequently, the agents and their environment are typically created here together with any optional data collection objects. Of course, this method may call other methods to help build the model.

There are also a few other Repast models available from Tom Carters website: NinaNet, NinaNet2, and WealthModel.

Further information

The original source code of the fads model model can be found:
The model can either be run as a .jnlp (ie using Java web start therefore works on any OS) from:

Or run as an executable by clicking here (Sorry it will only work in Windows). For instructions on how to run a Repast model see the Repast website.

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