Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Exploring cities using agent-based models and GIS

Here is a working paper, which is a modification of the one I presented at Agent 2006, entitled “Exploring cities using agent-based models and GIS.”


Cities are faced with many problems such as urban sprawl, congestion, and segregation. They are also constantly changing. Computer modelling is becoming an increasingly important tool when examining how cities operate. Agent based models (ABM) allow for the testing of different hypotheses and theories for urban change, thus leading to a greater understanding of how cities work. This paper presents how ABMs can be developed by their integration with Geographical Information System (GIS). To highlight this, a generic ABM is presented. This is then applied to two model applications: a segregation model and a location model. Both models highlight how different theories can be incorporated into the generic model and demonstrate the importance of space in the modelling process.

Keywords: Agent-Based Models, Repast, GIS, Segregation, Bid Rent.

The paper is available for download at the CASA website under working papers. Alternatively click here.

Crooks, A. T. (2006), Exploring Cities Using Agent-Based Models and GIS, Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (University College London): Working Paper 109, London, England. (pdf)

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