Monday, March 19, 2007

Guidelines for Assessing Pedestrian Evacuation Software Applications

Christian Castle has just finished a comprehensive working paper entitled “Guidelines for Assessing Pedestrian Evacuation Software Applications, ” which might be of interest to readers of this blog. His abstract for this is written below:

“This paper serves to clearly identify and explain criteria to consider when evaluating the suitability of a pedestrian evacuation software application to assess the evacuation process of a building. Guidelines in the form of nine topic areas identify different modelling approaches adopted, as well as features / functionality provided by applications designed specifically for simulating the egress of pedestrians from inside a building. The paper concludes with a synopsis of these guidelines, identifying key questions (by topic area) to found an evaluation”.

Key Words: Pedestrian evacuation, software applications, models, modelling, buildings, egress, simulation, guidelines, evaluation criteria, pedestrian movement and behaviour.
The paper can be downloaded from CASA: click here

In relation to this paper Christian also gave a presentation at CASA entitled "King’s Cross Under -ground Station Pedestrian Evacuation Model" outlining his research specifically how the criteria from the working paper above can be used, types of spaces that can be used to develop models and how agents move in space.

The talk slides can be downloaded by clicking here.

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