Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Kvintus Model

Hans Skov-Petersen and his team from the Forest and Landscape Centre at the University of Copenhagen has created the Kvintus model. An agent-based model implemented in Repast and visualised on Google Maps at runtime. Within the model recreationalists (walkers, runners, mountain bikers etc.) can be simulated along with animals (e.g. roe deer). Such a style of model has similarities with the RBSim model (click here to see a previous blog post).

In the YouTube movie below; the yellow squares are joggers (which run at 10 km/h, and prefers marked trails), the circles are Roe deer (the green and blue are deer at various stages in eating and searching for food, red is when they are scared by a jogger, white is when they are searching for a hiding place and black when the deer is hiding.

For more information about the model, readers may be interested in a presentation entitled “Kvintus - an agent-based model of recreational behaviour” on slideshare.

If you like these sorts of models it may be worth reading “Monitoring, simulation and management of visitor landscapes” by Randy Gimblett and Hans Skov-Petersen (eds.). University of Arizona Press. 2008.

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