Monday, January 04, 2010

modelling4All update

I been following the progress of modelling4All for a while now and thought it worth highlighting again (click here to see an earlier post), especially after a post on the modelling4All blog noting some improvements.

The aim of modelling4All is to reduce the difficulty and effort needed to make agent-based models therefore enabling non-programmers to collaboratively build and analyze computer models. modelling4All allows one to create agent-based models over the web, models are constructed by composing and parametizing model fragments (bits of code) as shown in the movie below.

The model fragment library can be searched and model fragments can be added and combined to a model to create an agent-based model in a very short period of time by just clicking on the fragment (such as a behavior) which is required for the task at hand. Click here to see such a model, in this case its an epidemic model where people go to work, school, and home. A neat feature is also the ability to export the models as NetLogo models.

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