Tuesday, March 09, 2010


I just been exploring culturalcomplexity.net, a website based on the research lab of Cultural Complexity at The University of Western Ontario, Canada.

The lab is interested in understanding processes related "...to the creation, transmission, and representation of culture, and how these processes shape the human experience" combing different academic disciplines (e.g. philosophy, mathematics, computer science, and economics). One thing that caught my attention is the Virtual Laboratory for the Study of Cultural Dynamics (VCL), a NetLogo model which explores how information changes when exchanged among individuals (click here to read more about the model).

The models are a nice example on how different .txt files can be loaded into NetLogo along with how altering certain parameters at run time alters the results. The VCL editor (used to define the world one wishes to simulate) can be found here, while the VCL machine (which then runs the simulation, generating results) can be found here.

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