Wednesday, March 13, 2013

GAMA (Gis & Agent-based Modelling Architecture) Platform

While I have blogged about creating geographically explicit agent-based models with Repast, MASON, NetLogo and several other toolkits before, I recently came across an open source toolkit called Gis & Agent-based Modelling Architecture or GAMA for short. GAMA is developed by UMMISCO and to quote from the site:
"GAMA is a simulation platform, which aims at providing field experts, modelers, and computer scientists with a complete modeling and simulation development environment for building spatially explicit agent-based simulations." 
The site offers a series of tutorials, supporting documents and publications which show the potential of GAMA. The movie below gives an excellent overview of what GAMA can do. 


Nick Magliocca said...

Very slick demo. Does it use an existing or custom programming language?

Andrew Crooks said...

Hi Nick, it has its own modeling language, GAML,which from reading the papers is based on XML.

alexis said...


Just to say that GAML has evolved from an XML-based language to a more convenient (and easy to learn) descriptive "agent-oriented" DSL since version 1.4.


Unknown said...

In fact, the GAML language is not anymore based on XML (since GAMA 1.4).

You will find example of GAML codes in the GAMA website (

For example, you will find in this page the code of simple road traffic model:

Andrew Crooks said...

Hi Alexis and Patrick,

Thanks for the update, I was going off the earlier papers but I should of checked the website more. The Road example does look straight forward.