Thursday, January 23, 2014

Agentscript: ABM Framework
In the past I have blogged (and even written papers) about agent-based modeling toolkits / frameworks such as MASON, Repast and NetLogo for the creation of models. One issue is the deployment of models over the internet. Thanks to Richard Milton from the TALISMAN blog for pointing out agentscript. Agentscript is billed as "a minimalist Agent Based Modeling (ABM) framework based on NetLogo agent semantics. Its goal is to promote the Agent Oriented Programming model in a highly deployable CoffeeScript/JavaScript implementation." The image on the left shows a simple agentscript model on Google Maps from Richard. The agentscript website also has several examples which shows it potential for the creation for geospatial agent-based models which can be deployed within a website. For example, below  agents (blue) seek and move to the lowest elevation.

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