Sunday, April 24, 2016

NetLogo Reproduction of Walk This Way

Several months ago, we posted that we had just had a paper accepted entitled "Walk this Way: Improving Pedestrian Agent-Based Models through Scene Activity Analysis. The original model was created in MASON but know it has been reproduced in NetLogo. The purpose of this exercise was to see if the model could be reproduced from the description in said paper along with the availability of the source code and data. Specifically whether there is sufficient information in the paper to reproduce the model and the results. It was an interesting exercise translating methods from MASON into NetLogo procedures (also a lot less lines of code). 

A: NetLogo Graphical User Interface (GUI), B: Original MASON GUI.

In order to really ensure this was a good reproduction it was also necessary to provide the data we compared the results to from the original model (something which is not very common in ABM publications). This way we could could see if the re-implemented model really did match the results of the original model. 

To the left, you can see the graphical user interfaces for the NetLogo model and the original model implemented in MASON.

More information about the re-implementation and the code can be found over at Yang's Blog:

Full Reference to the Original Paper:
Crooks, A.T., Croitoru, A., Lu, X., Wise, S., Irvine, J. and Stefanidis, A. (2015),  Walk this Way: Improving Pedestrian Agent-Based Models through Scene Activity AnalysisISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information, 4(3): 1627-1656. (pdf

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