Wednesday, November 07, 2018

ABM platform developers from CoMSES 2018

There are many reviews of agent-based modeling platforms (e.g. Abar et al., 2017; Kravari and Bassiliades, 2015; Castle and Crooks, 2006) but rarely do you see movies  describing how such platforms have developed or where they are heading. Recently CoMSES Net (home of many great resources for agent-based modeling) held their second virtual conference: CoMSES 2018. During this virtual conference, the were presentations from Repast, Cormas and MESA to name but a few and I thought theese were worth sharing. If you click on the links below your can go directly to their threads (discussion) on from the conference.




On a slightly different note, I just came across a series of podcasts by Jacob Ingalls and Benjamin Schumann ( who have interviewed a number of practitioners carrying out simulation modeling including the CEO of AnyLogic. Similar to the movies above, these podcasts provide a different way of learning more about simulations.

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