Tuesday, March 31, 2020

A Simple Locational Model

While there are many sophisticated urban growth and planning models (e.g. the SLEUTH model and UrbanSim), there are also many more theoretical ones which say explore the evolution of land markets. Take for example Alonso’s (1964) urban land market theory. In this theory firms or residents desire a certain amount of space and this desire for space leads to competition for land and specific locations and thus driving up the price in the most accessible areas.

To this we have created a simple model which replicates what is postulated in Alonso’s  (1964) urban land market theory. The original model (Crooks, 2007) was created in Repast J (more details and source code can be found here) and now it has been replicated in NetLogo (and can be downloaded from https://github.com/acrooks2/Bid-Rent-Model). The basic model logic is presented in the figure below and a movie of simulation is also provided. However, unlike the original Alonso (1964) model, by using agents we can  incorporate issues such as time, therefore allowing the system to adapt and evolve to changes in the environment, for example infrastructure investment or population growth. The NetLogo model "Info" tab has several suggestions on  extending the basic model if you so desire. While for interested readers more complex land market models are also available such as Filatova et al (2009) land market model and Magliocca et al (2011) model of coupled housing and land markets

Basic Model Logic: Searching for the "best" location.

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