Friday, November 11, 2022

Announcing MASON 21, Geomason 1.7 & Distributed MASON 1

Many visitors and readers to this site know that for a long time I have been involved with and developing agent-based models utilizing MASON. To this end, the other day Sean Luke posted a message to the MASON list-serve regarding new releases of MASON, GeoMASON  and the first release of Distributed MASON which is part of our NSF CI-EN: Enhancement of a Large-scale Multiagent Simulation Tool project

To quote from the email:

"MASON is a high performance open-source modeling toolkit in pure Java, designed to be fast, highly hackable and modifiable, and to guarantee repeatable results, among many other capabilities. MASON comes with extensive visualization capabilities and regularly runs on everything from laptops to back-end supercomputers".

"Distributed MASON is an open-source, massively distributed version of MASON meant for server/farm and cloud computing deployment using a combination of MPI and RMI. It runs MASON over a large number of collective machines. "

"GeoMASON is an open source set of extensions to MASON which add GIS capabilities, including reading and writing standard formats, embodying agents in GIS environments, and visualization."

"Distributed GeoMASON is an open source set of extensions to GeoMASON to enable it to run over Distributed MASON in both server/farm and cloud computing environments."

For those interested in GIS and agent-based models, we have added many more application examples (a sample of which is shown below), along with fixing a number of bugs, and adding new code for compatibility with Distributed MASON. For more details check out the MASON webpage:

Examples of some of the GeoMason Models

If you have questions regarding MASON, GeoMason, or their distributed versions, join the MASON mailing list and ask


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