Monday, July 01, 2024

Key Thinkers on Space and Place

In the recent edition of Key Thinkers on Space and Place edited by Mary GilmartinPhil Hubbard, Rob Kitchin and Sue Roberts, I was asked to write a chapter about Mike Batty

While I have known Mike for a while, to say writing the chapter was easy, is a understatement. In the sense, we had a word constraint (3,000 words plus references) and trying to sum up his biographical details and theoretical context, his spatial contributions along with his key advances and controversies, and key works was a challenge.  Anyway, if you would like to read a draft of my contribution to the book and my attempt to sum up Mikes work, you can find the reference and the link to the chapter below.

Full reference:  
Crooks, A.T. (2024), Michael Batty, in Gilmartin, M., Hubbard, P., Kitchin, R. and Roberts, S. (eds.), Key Thinkers on Space and Place (3rd edition), Sage, London, UK. pp. 37-43. (pdf)

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