Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Agent Based models at CASA

A few of us at CASA presented our work on ABM in January to a collection of people from both academic and private sector, Kay Kitazawa (Presented by Mike Batty in her absence) talked about “Agent-Based Analysis for Patterns of Children’s Activities”*. John Ward talked about “Pedestrian Dynamics: Models of Pedestrian Behaviour.” Vassilis Zachariadis presented his work on “An Agent-Based Approach to the Simulation of Pedestrian Movement and Factors that Control It*.” Christian Castle, presented his work "A Decision Support System for Evacuation using Agent-Based Simulation to evaluate the Kings Cross Redevelopment"*. Joana Barros (of Birkbeck formally a CASA PhD student) presented her PhD: "Urban Dynamics in Latin American Cities: An Agent-Based Simulation Approach"*. While I gave an overview talk on Repast entitled "An Introduction to the Repast Software" and another on my models I am developing for my PhD: “Integration of Agent-Based Simulation and GIS: Applied to Segregation"*. A full program and PowerPoint slides can be seen at: http://www.casa.ucl.ac.uk/repast/

*Utilising the Repast Software

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