Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Getting Started with Repast

After spending the last 6 months or so developing a Repast model I am finally getting to understand it. A few colleagues of mine have been wondering whether or not to use Repast, and where they could find a few examples of papers or models from the web. I thought I would write some brief notes down of what web pages and links I have found useful.

Apart from the Repast Website (which has quite a few example models), other good sites includes John. Murphy’s Repast Tutorial. He also provides a good Java basics webpage. What I liked about this tutorial, is the step by step instructions on creating a Repast model (which uses a lot of the basic Repast features) and then making the model more complicated and sophisticated as the tutorial develops.

For other examples which you need to compile and run from your computer see Dan Brown’s Sluce Model, a good example of the use of Raster Space. Another website which I have found most useful is Lars-Erik Cederman's International Conflict Research website from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich. This site has some great examples of models created in Repast which you can download and ‘play with’ and some really useful reading material in the form of slides on topics such as Java, Repast and ABM.

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