Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Repasts Raster GIS and Sugar Scape models

Following on from Christians ‘How to create a .pgm file from an .ascii file’ post I thought it would be useful to provide some models that show how this type of information can be loaded into Repast. Repast provides two models that use images that to create the basis of artificial worlds: the Sugar Scape model and a GIS Model (based on Raster data).

The GIS Model (top image), uses the RasterSpace class and reads in a .txt file (e.g. an .ascii file that can be outputted from ESRI ArcGIS. While the Sugar Scape Model (bottom image) reads in a .pgm file to great a Object2Dtorus space

The original source code for both models can be accessed through the RepastJ download. Alternatively, one can run the Sugar Scape or GIS Model by clicking these links (sorry these models will only run on a windows operating system)

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