Thursday, September 27, 2007

Geospatial Simulation with Repast

After the previous post "ABM–S4–ESHIA Summer School" I thought it would be useful to draw peoples attention to a new CASA working paper entitled "The Repast Simulation / Modelling System for Geospatial Simulation." Which was the basis of talk two from the workshop Mike and I gave.

The abstract to the paper is: 'The use of simulation/modelling systems can simplify the implementation of agent-based models. Repast is one of the few simulation/modelling software systems that supports the integration of geospatial data especially that of vector-based geometries. This paper provides details about Repast specifically an overview, including its different development languages available to develop agent-based models. Before describing Repast’s core functionality and how models can be developed within it, specific emphasis will be placed on its ability to represent dynamics and incorporate geographical information. Once these elements of the system have been covered, a diverse list of Agent-Based Modelling (ABM) applications using Repast will be presented with particular emphasis on spatial applications utilizing Repast, in particular, those that utilize geospatial data.'

If you feel like you might be interested in this paper. It can be downloaded from here. As always any thoughts and comments are most welcome.

Full Reference:
Crooks, A. T. (2007), The Repast Simulation/Modelling System for Geospatial Simulation, Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (University College London): Working Paper 123, London, England. (pdf)

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