Monday, April 06, 2009

Public Profiler: My Name Profiler

Researchers at UCL have created a Facebook application called mynameprofiler which works alongside your Facebook profile to tell you what your name, the names of your friends and family, and the names of your neighbours say about you. For example, in my neighbourhood, people have higher status surnames than 66% of the population (one has to remember that this is for fun).

If you have a Facebook account, the application can be downloaded from however, it only works for the UK at the moment and some data is stored.

Below is Alex Singleton's presentation entitled "Geographic data mining of online social networks" which explains a bit about the project and was presented at GISRUK 2009. Further information about the application can be found on the PublicProfiler site. On a side note the Economist has an interesting article on about the size of friend networks in Facebook and parallels with evolutionary sociology.

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