Friday, November 13, 2009

Agents on campus

I thought it was time I started exploring Repast Simphony and GIS data for US. So following the excellent tutorial by Nick Malleson entitled "RepastCity - A demo virtual city" which demonstrates how to load up several shapefiles and move agents around a road network (the code is also very well documented).

The movie below shows the George Mason campus (2005). The GIS data comes from the GMU Library in the form of shapefiles. Within the model we have agents (red stars), one for each building (black polygons). These agents choose a building at random and use the footpaths (thin grey/blue lines) to navigate to the chosen building. Additional layers are also represented including: car parks and roads (grey/blue areas); and streams grey blue) and a pond (green)1.

Another interesting tutorial is by Karl Liebert which discusses how create a basic GIS model in Repast Simphony.

1 For some reason the colors have been messed up in the conversion from computer to Vimeo.


Fader Peña said...

We were working in Repast in the las year at the Distrial University in Bogota (Colombia). I want to you see it. We were following the Nick's manual.

If you want see you, is here:

Is a simulation of a forest with beetles.

Unknown said...

I see you got inspiration from the soon-to-be-released vector data support demo for MASON. ;)

Andrew Crooks said...

Looking forward to seeing the MASON GIS capabilities. Will there be some good tutorials and demos? You right I saw the MASON demo and wanted to do the same. Thanks for the inspiration Piprr. Fader, thanks for the link, I will take a look.

Unknown said...

@Andrew Not only will there be demos, but I'm working on a technical report to be published Real Soon Now that will describe the new MASON classes.

I don't know how familiar you are with MASON, but we've added a new field that holds geometry as well as associated field and object portrayals. Additionally we have three separate import implementations -- one that uses GDAL/OGR, another GeoTools, and yet another that was written entirely in-house.

(Why three? A bit of a long story, which I'll be glad to share if you're interested. Or you can just wait for the technical report. ;)

Andrew Crooks said...

It would be great if you could explain more, I would like to know of Mason. Maybe we can take the chat off-line? Coffee or chat next week?

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