Friday, September 12, 2014

Scottish Referendum conversation as seen on Twitter

There is a lot of talk about Scotland's up and coming referendum for independence. If you are interested in what people are saying live on Twitter you can take a look at our GeoSocial Gauge website.

What you will see is a map showing the location of tweets (which you can click on to find more information), along with options for visualizing the intensity of Twitter activity, and whether or not the tweets are negative or positive. You can also see the overall mood of the conversion and the keywords from the tweets. 

To see more of our GeoSocial projects click here.


John Nay said...

Is the code for modeling this type of data as you do with GeoSocial Gauge available?

Andrew Crooks said...

Hi John, Thanks for taking an interest in our blog. Unfortunately the code is not available yet. We are working on making it open but we still have a number of things to do. Once it is open we will blog about it

John Nay said...

Great thanks. Enjoy your work. My research is on machine learning approached to ABM, and creating ABMs for integrating social and environmental data as part of multidisciplinary projects on water conservation and climate adaptation.