Friday, March 20, 2015

Lipari School on Computational Social Science

If you are wondering what to do between July 26 and August 1, this summer, you might be interested in this years Lipari School on Computational Social Science which is focusing on Algorithms, Data, and Models for Social and Urban Systems

What will be taught at the summer school and why? To answer the these questions and to quote from the the homepage of the school:
 "Social and urban systems have been the focus of social science theory and research for centuries, but only until recently have computational approaches enabled novel explorations of challenging and enduring research questions and the opening of new frontiers for investigation. What is the role of Computational Social Science in advancing the science of social and urban systems? Which advanced algorithms and data structures play a key role in these investigations? In 2015 our Lipari Summer School in CSS will address questions such as the role of GIS (geographic/geospatial information systems), social media, big social data, agent-based models, network models, and their integration in the study, design, and implementation of social and urban systems. "
The speakers will be:
Special guest speakers will be:
To find out how to apply to attend the summer school click here. Students are encouraged to apply early because enrollment is competitive and limited.

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