Friday, September 25, 2015

Urban Growth Model in NetLogo

Recently Yang Zhou, a PhD student in the Computational Social Program carried out a partial re-implementation of the SLEUTH urban growth model (without Self Modification). The region of study is Santa Fe, New Mexico. The data was obtained from The National Map. The model demonstrates how several raster layers can be used to initialize a NetLogo model. Hopefully others who want to know how to create spatially explicit models in NetLogo will find this useful. The model and data can be downloaded from Yang's GitHub account.

Also you can export the data to at any time to see how the land cover changes over time. For example in the image below we show the land cover at the initialization of the model (t=0, top) and the land cover at t=10 (bottom).
To find out more about CA models, the movie below by Andreas Flache offers a good introduction:

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