Thursday, February 18, 2016

Call for Papers: GeoSocial: Social Media and GIScience

GeoSocial: Social Media and GIScience

A GIScience 2016 Workshop

September 27th, Montreal, Canada

This day-long workshop aims to serve as a platform to discuss and showcase the complex issues associated with the analysis of social media contributions in the context of GIScience.

Spanning spatial footprints, social networks, and sociocultural themes, such data can support a variety of applications, ranging from disaster response and environmental monitoring to health informatics and digital citizenship. Given their variations in accuracy, the complex patterns of participation, and the constantly increasing data volumes, analyzing such data in a meaningful, reliable, and timely manner is a substantial challenge. The objective of this workshop is to showcase on-going research in the GIScience community on the analysis of social media content and thus support the emergence of a cohesive research agenda in our community.

We invite submissions of short papers (1,500-2,000 words) that present research related to the workshop theme. Examples of topics of particular interest include:
  • Theoretical/conceptual issues in linking social media with GIScience.
  • Accuracy and reliability issues associated with the analysis of social media content.
  • Analysis of the spatial and spatiotemporal patterns of social networks.
  • Geocoding methods and engines for social media messages.
  • GeoSocial Analytic software and tool development.
  • Visualization of multi-thematic geosocial content.
  • Computational challenges associated with the big data nature of such information.
  • Social multimedia: images and videos.
  • Applications and case studies. 

Workshop Format:

  • This full day workshop will comprise presentations of research based on short paper submissions, as well as a break-out group session will be held in the afternoon, followed by a plenary synthesis session, addressing a “GeoSocial Research Agenda”. 



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