Monday, September 25, 2017

Talk: ABM For Simulating Spatial Systems: How Are We Doing?

Last week I gave a talk to Department of Computational and Data Sciences at George Mason University colloquium series entitled to "Agent-based Modeling For Simulating Spatial Systems: How Are We Doing?". This was an extension of a talk Alison Heppenstall and myself gave at the 2016 International Congress on Agent Computing. As we live stream and store these talks on YouTube, I thought I would share this one here (apologies about the sound quality). As normal, any thoughts or comments are most welcome.

While great advances in modeling have been made, one of the greatest challenges we face is that of understanding human behavior and how people perceive and behave in physical spaces. Can new sources of data (i.e. 'big data') be used to explore the connections between people and places? In this presentation, I will review the current state of the modeling geographical systems. I will highlight the challenges and opportunities through a series of examples that new data can be used to better understand and simulate how individuals behave within geographical systems.

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