Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Spatial Agent-based Models of Human-Environment Interactions: Spring 2018

During the past spring semester I taught a class entitled "Spatial Agent-based Models of Human-Environment Interactions". As with many of my courses, students are expected to complete a end of semester project, in this case, develop an agent-based model that explores some aspect of related to the course theme of human-environment interactions. In the movie below is a selection of these projects can be seen. The projects ranged from urban growth, housing markets, the adoption of solar energy, employment opportunities, populations at risk from terrorism, commuting, to the spread of diseases. Many of the models were done in NetLogo, MASON and some in Python including using MESA.

I would like to thank the Students of CSS 645: Spatial Agent-based Models of Human-Environment Interactions for their participation in the class.

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