Monday, December 10, 2018

Talk: Computational Modeling of Slums: Progress & Challenges

Last week I gave a talk to Department of Computational and Data Sciences colloquium series entitled to "Computational Modeling of Slums: Progress and Challenges" in which I discussed some of our current work on slums. This talk was inspired by several of the papers we have written or currently writing on slums As we live stream and store these talks on YouTube, I thought I would share this one here (apologies about the sound quality).

Over the last 50 years the world has increasingly become more urbanized, much of this growth has occurred in less developed countries, which often lack the resources to accommodate such growth. This has led to the growth of slums, which is estimated to be home for other 1 billion people. The UN-Habitat projects slum population to double by 2030, which would make them home for 2 in 5 people living in cities. In this talk I will introduce slums, discuss their growth, and provide an overview on what progress has been made to studying and modeling them. This will lead to a discussion of a series of key challenges that need to be addressed if we are to tackle slums from a computational perspective.

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