Friday, May 22, 2009

Agent Analyst movies

Agent Analyst is an Agent-based modelling extension that allows users to create, edit, and run RepastJ and RepastPy models from within ArcGIS. The Agent Analyst toolkit was developed by Argonne National Laboratory’s Center for Complex Adaptive Agent Systems Simulation in collaboration with ESRI and to promote cooperation and collaboration between GIS professionals and agent-based modellers

While its been around for some time, I have recently just come across two videos from the Redlands Institute, however the actual models and further details is limited, they show the potential of the extension for agent-based modelling. The first demonstrates the integration of Agent Analyst and Tracking Analyst within ArcGIS Desktop. Specifically the model shows a simulation of bird migration patterns of 2 species. The second model uses Agent Analyst to compare two urban growth scenarios.

Bird migration patterns

Comparing two urban growth scenarios

For more information including tutorials on how to use Agent-Analyst see the Agent Analyst website.

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