Wednesday, May 20, 2009

NetLogo to 3D Max

I am a great fan of NetLogo for the development of agent-based models. At CASA we have been exploring how one can loosely couple NetLogo models with 3D Max. The reason being that 3D Max offers a means of visualization which is beyond NetLogo's for example, building 3D city scapes.

Ateen Patel a PhD student at CASA and author of the Crowd Simulation Blog has written a short tutorial (including the code) and several other posts on how to get information from a simple NetLogo Traffic Model and to visualize the model in 3D Max.

Such outputs can be seen in the movie below from Digital Urban:

The Crowd Simulation Blog is worth keeping an eye on for those interested in pedestrian modeling as Ateen's research and his blog explores new methods for rendering very large crowd scenes that contain the correct kinds of physics and dynamics that enable realistic simulations to be generated.

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