Monday, February 28, 2011

The Business Assessment Model

The Business Assessment Model (BAM) evaluates trajectories of People, Performance and Planet (3P) of a single company as well as of the whole market system as a function of business decision of actors, exogenous events in the broader socioeconomic environment or both.

BAM computes the cumulative di difference between predictions of the perturbed and original 3P trajectories in order to conduct analysis of decisions within the medium run planning horizon.

Figure: Integrated 3P trajectories comparing system-level dynamics of both Baseline and Variant scenarios

Who is behind BAM?

This project has been developed by Robert Axtell and Maciej Latek from the Department of Computational Social Science, at George Mason University and Francesco Cordaro from Mars Corporation. Funding has been provided by Mars Inc. through it's Economics of Mutality initiative.

Where can I see BAM?

The project website on which you can:
  • Read an early working paper (pdf, 13 pages);
  • Download self contained, ready to run version of the BAM simulation used in the "Comprehensive Assessment of Businesss Decisions" working paper (zip file) and associated presentation (ppt file) on running and interpreting outputs;
  • See Validation Verification experiments we have performed with the current revision of the BAM, not included in the working paper;
BAM is implemented in MASON simulation framework.

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