Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Summer Course - Decision Maker Short Course - Computational Social Science & Policy

The Krasnow Institute at George Mason University is offering a Computational Social Science & Policy short course from June 19 - Jun 24, 2011. Click here to see more details.

The course description is as follows:

This six-day, non-credit, course is a unique opportunity to work with a team of experienced computational social scientists to explore and understand the application of new interdisciplinary approaches to modeling and making decisions involving the operations of social systems. Participants will imerse themselves in an intensive tour of the field of Computational Social Science, a broad set of efforts that seek to explain and predict how large-scale human systems from organizations to urban systems, from economies to society as a whole, evolve, react to stresses and stimuli, and cooperate and compete. Participants will hear presentations from experts in the field and engage in intensive dialoguing, demonstrations, and policy scenarios.

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