Wednesday, August 30, 2023

ABM Online Courses

Often I get asked about how to learn about agent-based modeling (ABM). While we have a book on this with respect to GIS and ABM, the other day, Jiaqi Ge posted a question about free ABM online courses on the SIMSOC mailing list and I though it would be worth summarizing the responses here as the resources are quite useful.

Jiaqi shared some really good resources like the Santa Fe Institutes "Introduction to Agent-Based Modeling" and "Fundamentals of NetLogo" along with the University of Geneva's Coursera course "Simulation and modeling of natural processes". 
Others also responded to the question. For example, Wander Jager responded with online modules developed from the Action for Computational Thinking in Social Sciences (ACTiSS) team. Jen Badham responded with an extended tutorial about model design and creating models in Netlogo while Dino Carpentras responded with several general videos on YouTube on ABM which he has created. Hopefully readers will find these useful and also you might want to see our Github pages on GIS and ABM

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